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While driving my 2 young daughters under the age of 13 on a Sunday morning at 10:39 a driver came out of a side road and pulled onto Princeton Ave in Brick, NJ causing me 2 have to quickly brake. Not quite sure why the driver couldn't have waited until after my vehicle as there were no vehicles behind me!

I sounded my horn to alert the driver that he was drivel unsafe. Obviously, that was an error in my judgment----because what was to happen next was beyond belief and left me shaking and trembling! As the driver was in front of me traveling on Princeton Ave. he was traveling under the 40 mph---he was actually traveling unsafe yet again--traveling at 15-20 mph UNDER the speed limit.

Both the driver and I approached the rte 70/88 traffic light. I told my girls we were not staying behind him since he was driving erratic and I didn't feel safe behind him. We were in the right line and he was in the left lane at the traffic light. When the light changed he continued to speed up and was veering near my car while crossing rte.

70 as if to PUSH us off the road. I was beeping my horn!!! I slowed down in hopes that he would pass us----NO---he slowed down as well?!?!?! Then, I sped up to the correct speed limit-to get in front of him hoping for his AGGRESSIVE driving would stop once he was behind me------Instead when I sped up he traveled across the yellow lines and started coming into the right side of my car.

I was beeping the horn YET AGAIN----as he was pushing my car into the curb! At this point I put on my flashers terrified and in hopes that a police officer was near by and stopped my car in the road hoping he wouldn't stop and would just continue!!!!! He was now in front of me----Thank goodness! My girls were in hysterics asking me what was happening and why was the truck doing that----All I could do was be thankful that we were behind your Pea Pod driver!!!!!

He continued to travel down Burrsville in front of us at 25 mph-----not the speed limit! I was frightened when we came to the light to enter the parkway as he was on my right. I have video as well as pictures of the vehicle that my daughter took and would be more than willing to provide. I would like this individual taken off the roads!!!

He poses a safety hazard to other drivers. I hope you have dash cams and can review *** unsafe and what a hazard this driver poses to others on the road! I truly don't think Pea Pod should allow this driver to be representing them as he does. Not quite sure what was going on in his head-----but, certainly don't want to know !

Here is the information I can provide from the pictures my daughter took: the truck# on the back upper left is#5205.

The information that appears on the driver side door is#733066 PEAPOD LLC 9933 Woods Dr Skokie, Il 5205. The license plate XEW L39

Reason of review: UNSAFE DRIVER ON THE ROADS!!!.

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