I just experience a driver that forced me into on coming traffic.If I didn't stop there would have been an accident.

I was on the left lane and the right lane had to merge to the left he came up next to us and stayed side by side to me and kept going faster trying to get in front of me but couldn't because there was a car in front of me so he just coming to my side until I had to stop. Its not like he couldn't have pulled behind me because the cars were way behind me with enough room for him to get in behind me.

I guess since he had a truck he thought he could do what ever he wanted.My daughter was also in the car with me, what a ***.

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So you took it upon yourself to teach this person a lesson huh?It makes you no better than they....what if this person had a legitimate reason for doing what they did?

A mechanical failure...a health issue,seizure,heart attack etc...what if they had just found out a child or spouse etc. was just in an accident and is critically injured...many other possible reasons?

If a loved 1 of mine is critical,theres not a law on this earth that would stop me from getting to the ER asap...and cause your child is with you its setting a very bad example also putting your kids safey at risk also....we all know how in a single moment this crazy world can change,for good or bad!More than likely you are right,but you just NEVER know!

to Anonymous Vienna, Virginia, United States #1328319

U *** to the one who commented! She was right and he was wrong. I do believe that he thought because he was in a truck he could do that to her.

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